Me, Myself + I: Top 5 Cities Where Millennials Live Alone

Apartment hunting is one of the most enjoyable things to do – said no one ever. Finding the perfect place in a busy city can be quite the challenge – especially if you’re looking with other people.

However, if you are like me and are blessed to be able to afford to live alone, looking for your next humble abode might not be that difficult.

Don’t get me wrong – living with other people can be a super fun experience. But after living by myself for almost two years, I wouldn’t trade it for the world.

While it’s popular for many millennials to inhabit metropolitan cities like New York, Chicago, Los Angeles and my beloved Washington, D.C., the truth of the matter is — the rent is too high in these places. Finding an (affordable) apartment in these swanky cities is totally possible, but it will cost you.

For those of you who are looking to make major moves and save some money in the process, here are the top five cities where millennials are living solo.

  1. Richmond, Virginia – Just two hours outside of the Nation’s Capital, Richmond is a great place for millennials to experience city life with a dose of southern hospitality.
  2. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania  – A place where “Terrible Towels” are necessary, Pittsburgh is the second most popular city where millennials are calling home.
  3. Buffalo, New York  – Want to head further north, eh? Buffalo is known for is more than its deep fried, saucy wings. And with Canada just a few hours away, you’ll have Niagara Falls right at your finger tips.
  4. Columbus, Ohio  – Home to THE Ohio State University, millennials living in Columbus not only have access to great college football but the job market is pretty boomer here, too.
  5. Virginia Beach, Virginia/Cleveland, Ohio (13.9%) – Tying at fifth place are  East coast and Midwest cities. So I guess the best thing to do here is to flip a coin, right? I’m just kidding – the beach is always better.

Want to learn about other popular places millennials are choosing to live to live for cheap? Click here.

Happy moving! 


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