Millennial On A Mission: Dr. Eric Patrick

Happy Monday, all!

Currently, I’m staring out of my apartment window at the beautiful sunshine,  while drinking all of the orange juice, water and green tea to get rid of this cold that came out of nowhere (#PrayForChas.)

But this week’s Millennial On A Mission is not only a pharmacist, but he’s the @HipHopStockDoc who is passionate about educating people of color on how to make smart investment decisions.

I’d like for you to meet Dr. Eric Patrick.

Millennial On A Mission- Dr Eric Patrick.png

Originally from Tampa, Florida, Dr. Eric Patrick attended the University of South Florida where he received his bachelor’s degree in biomedical sciences in three years. “USF was great in that it was in my hometown, but far enough to where I truly began to mold myself into who I am today,” Eric recalls. Upon graduation, he matriculated at Howard University in Washington, D.C., where he received his Doctorate in Pharmacy. Currently, he resides in Dallas, Texas, where he is serving as a pediatric pharmacist and running the investment platform for people of color, Black Market Exchange 


MOAM: What inspired you to pursue a career in medicine and also, finance? Who are some individuals you admire in and out of your field of work? What challenges have you faced in building your business/brand, and what have you learned from them?

EP: I honestly believe I became a pharmacist through God’s direction. When I graduated high school, I knew I wanted to be in healthcare, but didn’t want to be a physician. One day I woke up and said, “What about a pharmacist?” I did my research, became a pharmacy technician and I’ve been in the field since 2004. My true passion has become teaching wealth building to African Americans. I believe we truly have been misguided financially and simply haven’t been taught basic fundamentals of building generational wealth dating back centuries.

Since we’re in a new technological age and music is greatly influences in how we act, talk, and dress, I figured why couldn’t it influence our finances? That’s how the idea of Black Market Exchange came about. I wanted to marry music and money so the discussion was not only easy to comprehend, but actually cool to talk about. My parents have been a big influence on me as well as a few mentors I have the help me in the creative process, business, and spiritually. The biggest challenge I’ve faced is patience. Knowing that overnight success is far and few between and when you think someone has overnight success, he or she has actually been perfecting their craft for years. I know my content can still be a bit much to handle for our culture at first, but we’re on the right path. So I continue to push the agenda and make great content with efforts that our culture will grab onto sooner than later.

To Eric, being a Millennial On A Mission means being someone that’s driven to disrupt any given industry. “We have so many resources at our fingertips as millennials that it’s not so hard to get a business going, ” Eric says. “But it’s the drive to be a disruptor within an industry is what’s going to cause real change.” With his mind constantly in “go mode”, Eric continues to create content that provides value while making sure his audience is able to receive easily. And his advice to his millennial peers? Like Nike, just do it. “The longer you wait for something, the sooner someone else will take your spot.” 

To learn more about the Black Market Exchange, you can visit their website, and follow them on Instagram and Twitter


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