UPDATED: #WhoRunTheWorld Twitter Chats

Happy Wednesday, peeps!

In honor of Women’s History Month, I hosted weekly #WhoRunTheWorld Twitter chats  every Tuesday at 8:30 PM EST with amazing millennial women who are doing phenomenal things in their careers.


The first chat held on March 8th was with multimedia journalist Darian S. Harvin, and it was awesome. Darian not only shared her experience working with amazing brands like Yahoo! News and HRDCVR, but she also discussed how social media has changed the way she has approaches journalism. You can check out highlights from the chat in the Storify re-cap.

The March 15th #WhoRunTheWorld Twitter chat featured founder of the #GetGusty community and communications consultant Jessica Lawlor. During the chat, she shared what inspired her to take the leap to work for herself and what millennial women must know about starting their own businesses.


The March 22nd Twitter chat featured negotiation and career advisor Jacqueline Twillie. During the hour-long chat, Jacqueline shared strategies and tactics for millennial women to earn their worth in building the careers of their dreams. Many of the participants also shared amazing resources as well. You can check out highlights from this very engaging chat by clicking here.



On March 29th, the fourth and final #WhoRunTheWorld chat featured happiness curator and certified coach Chianti Lomax to share how you can define your pursuit of happiness. This chat had a number of great gems, which you can find in the Storify re-cap here.



Many thanks to everyone who participated in this month’s Twitter chats! To Darian, Jacqueline, Jessica and Chianti, thank you for sharing your expertise, insight and truth. Each of you are incredibly talented professionals and even more amazing individuals.










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