Millennial On A Mission: Lauren Bealore

Happy Thursday!

With the year winding down quickly, there are going to be more MOAM profiles over the course of the next few weeks. So, get excited!

This week’s Millennial On A Mission is a young woman who is not only passionate about leadership, but driven to make a great impact on her community. Recently named one of Oakland County’s Democratic Party Young Democrats of the Year, she is a political savvy businesswoman who is making it her mission to uplift and inspire other young professional women.

Meet Lauren Bealore.


A native of Southfield, Michigan, Lauren is a graduate of Michigan State University, where she studied social relations and policy. During her collegiate career, she held many leadership positions, but it was her participation in the James Madison College residential program that really allowed her to discover her career path.”My student-led leadership experiences, coupled with the internship experience with the Michigan Democratic Party definitely helped my consistent pursuit of the law and government realm,” Lauren recalls. “I decided to utilize my degree to further pursue a Masters of Arts in Public Policy from The New England College.” 

As an MAPP student, Lauren garnered a great deal of experience in the world of politics and policy, including working as a Fellow for the Millennial Mayors Congress Program. She also did campaign work for candidates within local government.

MOAM: What has inspired you to pursue a career in politics? Who are some individuals you admire in and out of your field of work? What challenges have you faced in building your business/brand, and what have you learned from them?

LBFor many years, people always told me I had a strong voice of leadership and could play a strong role in politics. At the time, I only saw myself as having a career in law but one day, I just woke up and decided to take a chance and change that path. I applied for my Masters program and then began applying for several internships and fellowships in policy. It was not initially easy to make this transition. In politics, especially campaigns, many young people begin working in what we call “the field” which is going door to door to discuss proposals or candidates to potential voters. I knew field work was not my passion but I knew it would at least be a start.

Then one day, one of the Field Coordinators told me that field work would be all I could do to really work in politics and that same day I left that position. Since that day, I have only held high ranking positions in politics. From that experience, I realized that I am in control of designing my career and have to continue to have the tenacity to make it one that I am truly passionate about. One person that I have always admired in my career field is Shirley Chisholm. When it comes to my career, I live by her words: “You don’t make progress by standing on the sidelines, whimpering and complaining. You make progress by implementing ideas.”

To Lauren, being a Millennial on a Mission means not allowing your age to be a restraint on following your dreams. It also means using your new ideas as representation for your generation in order to build the future. “In my own life, either career or personal, I choose to live for tomorrow,” Lauren says. “I want to leave a lasting imprint that others can use as the catalyst to their own success.” Her one piece of advice for her millennial peers?  “Always remember to never dull their diamonds in order to let rocks shine.” 

For more information about Lauren and her career work, you can visit her website and follow her on Twitter and Instagram. 



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